The journey so far...

Nicola Stevens

Nicola Stevens is a graphic designer, photographer and educator based in Bath, UK.

She has travelled extensively and worked with an international clientele. Choosing to settle in Australia, she became creative director and partner in a Melbourne based design studio.

Nicola's work has focussed predominantly on print media, with a broad range of clients from the theatre, corporate, editorial & publishing, exhibition, events and multimedia fields.

She has also been a course leader in Visual & Performing Arts at Braemar College, in Melbourne. Teaching visual communication design, photography and media studies.


Both Nicola and her students have received a variety of creative and industry awards in Australia.

Nicola's most recent work has been driven by her concern for the environment and survival of many of the worlds animal species, as a result of human activity in the anthropocene. Her focus has been to develop reportage style graphic/photographic artworks that 
visual narratives in response to this crisis.